Dugard kidnappers formally sentenced overnight, Survivor’s book out in July

It’s not just British courts that hand out life sentences on Fridays. The kidnappers of Jaycee Lee Dugard had their widely reported sentences of 431 years (to “life”) for Philip Garrido and 36 years for his wife formalised overnight (this morning to UK readers). Dugard’s victim impact statement was read by her mother, with further comment from the Dugard coming in a book which will be published next month and which we will certainly obtain for review if the release is simultaneous with America. The State of California compensated Dugard to the tune of GBP 12million, following the bungled police investigation into the case.

Mike talked about Small Wins in the blog; in terms of abuse sentencing this is a big one. The wife may have had the perceived easy ride but will only be eligible for parole in her eighties. We’ll be back with a review of that book as soon as it arrives; for now, the offenders are just about gone for good.

The general Google News crawl on the case is here.


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