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Sharing – 5 Things to Know About Toxic Shame

If you’ve ever wondered why we talk about shame often on this site or any other site about child abuse, it’s because, for us, this is the exact description of what it’s like being abused as a child.

When we are in a state of shame, we are not open to sharing our authentic Self. Our shame tells us we have something to hide, and that we are broken, defective, or different. Furthermore, shame tells us that if anyone finds out who we really are, we will be rejected.

Heck, for me, these words were pretty close to exact quotes from the person who abused me. I wanted this because I’m bad, if anyone found out about it, or the way my body reacted, they would know who I really am and reject me. It’s part and parcel of being abused, believing this.

Of course, none of it is true, but when this is what your own mind tells you every single day for years and years? It’s not going away that easy, so maybe spend some time reading links like the one below about how to combat toxic shame.

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