Sharing – Personal Boundaries and Building Self Love

This quote is, frankly, just so freaking much.

Personal boundaries are important for establishing a sense of self-worth and a sense of self-love. Those who grew up unable to establish their own personal space or to have a sense of control over their own life may have learned to seek approval or validation from others instead of trusting themselves and building a solid sense of self-identity.

Abuse survivors, how many of you have struggled, still struggle, to set boundaries? To learn to care for yourself because it actually makes you feel guilty to take a minute for yourself and maybe not be there every minute of every day for everyone else? To be unable to take that minute for yourself for fear of disappointing someone, and what happens after that?

I feel you, and I feel you need to go read this and learn how important boundaries are, and how important it is to respect each others boundaries.

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