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Sharing – 20 therapists share things clients are ashamed to tell them that are actually common.

I’ve talked about this many times before, the reality is that sexual abuse, and mental health struggles like these are actually pretty common.

“Two topics come up with regularity: when someone discloses to me that they were sexually abused as a kid, and/or when some is experiencing suicidal ideation. Both are something I hear from clients every single day, and so I don’t find it weird at all. But, when I have someone in front of me who’s talking about it for the first time, I know it’s important to validate the fact that even though I might be talking about this for like the fifth time that day, they have never talked about this EVER, and are in need of gentle care to feel safe.”

I appreciate the fact that this therapist recognizes how difficult it is to come forward with these things because it does take a lot to talk about it, especially the first time you tell someone.

At the same time I wonder how differently we might look at ourselves as we try to heal if we knew that we were the 4th or 5th person who talked to that one therapist about being sexually abused that day?

It’d be hard to feel alone, for one, right?

Check out some of the other things therapists share in the article below. Maybe it’ll help you feel less alone too.

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