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Sharing – Why Do We Downplay Our Accomplishments?

Nathan tries to answer this question in the post I linked below:

“Why do we downplay our accomplishments, and what is behind that?”

Spoiler alert, Nathan doesn’t have a definitive answer to this question. There’s some good discussion of why that is, and you should read it. The reason for it might be individualistic, even though it is so common that you would surely think there’d be one big reason for it.

We all have different reasons for downplaying our accomplishments. Many people don’t take the time to recognize their wins, whether due to imposter syndrome, a well-intentioned but overly focused attempt at humility, a lack of self-worth, or perfectionism.

This is a problem. When we can’t see our accomplishments, the only thing left is seeing our failures. We get a warped sense of ourselves when we only see our failures. We carry that warped sense of ourselves into the world and interact with others based on a mindset that sees only failure. That impacts our relationships and work, becoming just another failure point.

While Nathan doesn’t come up with a clear answer for all of us to know why we don’t take credit for, and celebrate, our accomplishments, what I see in reading the post is a clear need to figure out how to start doing it. How to take an honest look at our days, find what we do well, and be proud of that. That’s not to say we all have room for improvement. It is to say that we are all not as useless as we think we are.

What win can we celebrate with you this week?


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