Sharing – Opinion: Humans need to belong. What happens when we don’t?

I read this sentence and realized that this is something we all need to think seriously about:

“‘If you don’t have anyone in your life that makes you feel like you matter, that’s an emergency.’”

It is also something we can fix. Think about it.

What if we took an honest look at the most important people in our lives and dedicated ourselves to making them feel like the matter? What would that require of us? Can we honestly say it is too much to ask?

We know the poor mental health impacts of being disconnected from others. We know the risk of suicide goes up, and we know from history what happens when groups of people are primarily disconnected from society. We only need to look at kids who join gangs or our current political situation in the US. When you feel like you don’t matter in your current group, you will attach yourself to any group that will give you that.

So give people that.


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