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Link – Sexual abuse of boys often overlooked by state laws, global study warns

It’s difficult to get anyone to talk about being sexually abused, and we also know that for male victims they also get the additional stigma attached to not being “man enough”. But then there’s this:

The study, which examined child rape laws in 40 countries, found that just under half of jurisdictions lacked legal protections for boys. In many cases, laws were specific to girls and did not recognise boys as victims.

Researchers also identified a tendency for support services, including shelters and legal aid, to be geared towards women and girls.

If you can’t even bring yourself to write laws that protect boys, or create any sort of support services that include boys, you are only going to have a large number of men growing up not talking about being sexually abused, and getting no help for that at all.

And then they’ll grow up and be adults with unresolved trauma. I think we know where that goes.

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