Sharing – Stop Thinking All Active and Passive Suicidal Ideation Are the Same

(Ed note, if you are struggling right now, please use the Find Help resource to find a local Suicide Prevention or Support hotline you can get in touch with for help.)

Sky raises some good points about the range of thoughts that can occur, and what the proper response would be depending on that range. I encourage you to go check that out and think about how much sits in between passive and what we define as active thoughts are.

But, whether you do that or not, this is something we should be considering:

“So, with World Suicide Prevention Day coming up, please take some time to learn more about this topic. Suicide doesn’t fit in a box, and we can’t treat it like it does. But, we can offer support. We can listen. We can be a friend. We can help people get connected to resources. We can remind people they matter. We can show we care. And I think you’d be surprised just how life-saving those things can be.”

Regardless of what you know, or what kinds of thoughts someone is having, you can absolutely listen, be a friend, and show that you care. That doesn’t really take a ton of training on prevention, but it goes a long toward actual prevention. And, isn’t that really the point?

Regardless of where someone you care about is on the spectrum between passive thoughts, and actively having a plan, you have the power to care, and that caring will create a connection, and the connection is a proven way to prevent suicide.

So go ahead and connect. You never know how much it might help.


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