Sharing – The Key to Facing Fears, Conquer One at a Time

I would say the same thing about healing from abuse. It often leaves us as adults with many, many fears.

Break tasks down into small parts. Only tackle small fears one at a time. If the task is too big, it may be too daunting to tackle. Your confidence will grow stronger achieving some success with each small task. You don’t need to tackle the big picture to yield feelings of competence.

Love yourself through positive and negative outcomes with reinforcement for having tried. Don’t forget to reinforce yourself in small ways for the efforts you make. Facing fears is a big deal and mentally exhausting. No one will know you’re doing this hard work but you!

So many survivors are paralyzed in their healing because there’s no one thing that will get them to “healed”, and they don’t see how to get there. The truth is you don’t get there from one thing, but hundreds of little things. Conquering one thing at a time builds the muscle, and the confidence, needed to get to “healed”. Focus on making those small steps. That’s what’s important today.

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