Link – What Really Happens During a Therapy Session

“But when you make an appointment to see a therapist, do you know what’s going to happen? Many people aren’t quite certain. Will you just talk? Will you have to discuss your childhood? Will you be “hypnotized?” And what’s the “point” of seeing a therapist, anyway? Why not just talk to a friend?

There is a great deal of uncertainty in our society about what actually happens during a therapy session, what types of issues and problems are suitable for therapy, and what benefits a therapy session can provide. I’d like to address a few typical questions—and misconceptions—about what therapy is, what it isn’t, and how it really works.”

If you’ve ever thought about seeing a therapist, this is some good information to have. many people has some serious misconceptions about therapy that prevent them from getting help when they need it. I can honestly say that therapy sessions can be a wide variety of things, depending on why you are there and who you are seeing. Don’t assume you know what it’ll be like.

What Really Happens During a Therapy Session

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