Link – When teachers sexually abuse students

“It’s important for all those who want to protect kids from abuse to know that oftentimes abusers are very popular; they are so good; they are so sought-after. They’re attractive. That’s how they get away with years of abuse. It’s this disguise they are highly adept at wearing that lets them unleash years of soul-destroying abuse on children in their power. They hold the ropes and the child believes they want to keep them safe; the child believes that they care. Abusers convince everyone, probably even themselves, that they act out of “love.” They never ask themselves why the love they offer causes so many kids profound suffering or why it’s against the law.
If adults can’t recognize abusers, children are even less likely to realize that what’s happening is abuse and that it is doing damage of a kind they can’t see.”

It is so important that we learn that child molesters are not the stereotypical loners with no social skills, but are quite the opposite. They aren’t weird strangers, much of the time they are the charming, kind, popular adult of either sex. Sometimes even their teacher.

When teachers sexually abuse students

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