Link – Violence is just one part of childhood trauma. So why are we focusing so much on childhood violence?

“There’s this notion in the public’s mind that physical or sexual abuse is somehow more harmful than verbal abuse or other types of trauma,” he says. “The scientific evidence does not support that. I think parsing out the impacts of different types of trauma leads to a kind of reductionism that may be neither necessary nor important for holistic treatment of children and families.”

This is something that, I think, is interesting. I do believe we typically think of physical violence, especially sexual violence, as being “worse”. The reality though, is that much of the damage done by that violence in terms of children growing up hurting and lacking the skills that allow adults to succeed in being adults, is also done when kids grow up in toxic environments, broken homes, victims of severe bullying and emotional abuse as well. All of them grow up with similar issues, and these are all things we should be trying to support children and adults through.

So yeah, we should be paying attention to all of it.

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