Oprah’s show about male survivors of child sexual abuse

Saw this news release in an email this week and thought I would share. Don’t know much more than this, so if you do, be sure to leave us a comment with any information you might have.

The Oprah Winfrey Show is working on a program that will be filmed in October specifically for men who were sexually abused as children. Our aim is to address the issue unlike we’ve ever done before. Oprah is passionate about helping America understand the pain, shame and stigma that goes along with being molested. And she’d also like to help the hundreds of thousands of men in this country heal. We’d like to bring together 300 men who have been molested with the intention of discussing the issues as a group. We are looking for men who want to share their story on our show and look forward to speaking with any survivors you feel would be a good fit for this topic.

Many thanks,

Ray Dotch
“The Oprah Winfrey Show”

If you’re interested, email Ray and tell him a bit about yourself and briefly about your abuse history.  Here’s Ray’s email:


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  1. I’ll reserve judgement until the show airs and hopefully international viewers will be allowed to stream this show at the website

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