Link – Self-Efficacy: The Missing Link To Overcoming Depression

I’ve been saying this for awhile now, that nothing helps us grow beyond our struggles like coming through the other side of something difficult.

“As depression and fatigue are both highly susceptible to changes in a person’s sense of his or her own ability to achieve a certain goal, which is known as self-efficacy, McAuley and his colleagues wanted to determine if self-efficacy was the factor that helped explain just how physical activity helps to reduce depression and fatigue.”

So for those of us who read the constant reminders of how exercise “cures” depression, it’s important to remember that it not necessarily be the activity itself, it’s the ability to accomplish something that gives us more confidence in ourselves, which turns into resiliency.

It just so happens that physical activity is one of the easiest ways to measure achievement, and it’s good for our physical health too. But other accomplishments, finishing a tough work project, getting out of our comfort zone in meeting new people, etc. might do that too. It’s all about knowing that whatever happens, we can handle it.

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