Link – Walking football: the sporting craze helping men to battle depression

“The impact the sport is having on those at risk of mental health issues has led several charities and health authorities to invest in its further development. Smith’s team play once a week and each month take part in a mini-tournament on the 3G pitch at Annan Athletic FC. “We’re seeing a transformation here with guys getting a new lease of life from the physical activity as well as the social interaction and the banter in café after each game.””

Here’s another example of something that may seem a bit silly, walking football, really being about getting out of the house for a little physical exertion, and social interaction can have a huge effect on a section of the population that normally struggles with opportunities for just those things, and also struggles with depression.

It won’t cure all cases of depression, but it sure can help some, and maybe even prevent some as well.

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