Reading – How Your Story Can Save Someone’s World

“In this magnificent digital age there are so many avenues to be a peer mentor or a healthcare product reviewer that don’t begin and end with Yelp or Amazon.

You want to make a difference and help change the world but don’t know how? Share your experience by starting a blog, sharing a post on Facebook, writing an oped for your local online newspaper. Tell us what you think of Sir Thumps-A-Lot brand pacemakers, how to deal with your ostomy bag when going to the prom, or which new upstart in-home healthcare service is the best.

You will eventually find a tribe — be it minuscule, moderate, or gargantuan in size — who will appreciate your honesty and your voice.”

So true, especially for something like mental health where the symptoms are invisible. It’s important to know there is a tribe, however small, of people going through the same types of things that we are.

How Your Story Can Save Someone’s World

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