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Link – How Childhood Trauma and Dissociation Result in Horrible Adulthood Problems

Continuing on a theme I’ve been discussing a lot around here. Darius wrote a really interesting article on how dissociation, something many of us did as children to protect our minds during the abuse, can be quite damaging when we remain disconnected from ourselves and our emotions as adults.

“This lack of self-connection creates a myriad of emotional, psychological, social, and even physical problems that can haunt people long into their adulthood. Low, skewed self-esteem, toxic shame and guilt, anger issues, self-harm and poor self-care are only a few of them.

Some people are able to rebuild their connection with themselves, at least for the most part. Many aren’t even aware of the true cause of it, or live in denial that they even have these problems.

And while these issues can take years of consistent and systematic work to overcome, there is hope and it is possible to become a healthier, happier, and more resolved individual.”

What I like about is is that he lays out a great argument for getting involved early on, supporting abused kids when they are young, trying to get in front of these issues before they are looking at years and years of struggles, and that he also reminds us that no matter what age you are now, that can be accomplished. Just because the statistics say that we are more likely to have x, y and z, doesn’t make it fate.

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