Link – ‘How social media helped me deal with my mental illness’

“Social media is often given a bad rap for trolling, abuse and encouraging people to be superficial.

But although these sites have a dark side, some people have found it’s actually helped their mental illness.

The anonymity of some networks means people can open up without fearing negative perceptions of mental health will follow them around.

Additionally, connecting with people going through the same thing helps them feel less isolated.”

As much as I just told everyone not to turn to a blogger or social media when you need real help with mental health issues, the truth is that finding other folks online who are dealing with the same issues as you can be a very positive experience. I wouldn’t say it replaces therapy, especially when you find yourself in dire need of help, but in terms of not feeling alone, and being able to have a group of people dealing with the same issues without having them being judgmental, social media can be pretty helpful!

Obviously, I’ve been blogging here for years, so I must think it provides some value. 😉

‘How social media helped me deal with my mental illness’

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