Link – Don’t Talk to a Blogger: Action Steps for Mental Health Help

“In all honesty, my hands are tied when it comes to helping my readers. All I can do is encourage you to reach out to real help – someone in your life that can really help you. All I can do is encourage you to take an action step.”

I get the frustration of this blogger. I try very had to make this site welcoming, and to communicate that people dealing with depression and child abuse aren’t alone in doing that. On the other hand, I’m not a therapist, I’m not a social service, and I’m not a fundraiser. Don’t come to me if you need immediate mental health help, or if you’re trying to raise funds for people I don’t know, etc. I’m one guy writing a blog. I’m not in a position to vet every case of alleged abuse, nor am I in a position to offer support services to survivors. I’m more than happy to share whatever information I may have, and try to do that here, but please, if you find yourself in need of assistance, take a step toward getting that help. Writing a blogger is not that step.

After you get help and you want to share your experience or something that helped you, by all means, send us a note and help us share what you learned with others, but don’t put your mental health and well-being in the hands of people who are not there with you and able to truly help.

The article has a list of actual action steps that you can take. Keep that handy, and take one of those actions. That will get you a step closer to the help you need, writing an email to a blogger or posting in a forum might get you a sympathetic response, but it’s not the help you need.

Don’t Talk to a Blogger: Action Steps for Mental Health Help

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