Anonymous Hackers Disclose Information Regarding Online CSA Offenders

As a postscript to my earlier piece about revenge, Anonymous had targeted anyone they believed to be viewing child abuse images anywhere in the world. That was a month ago, so we looked around for any general fallout which may not have been reported by the media amid the Olympic circus. So far a Belgian politician has resigned and a fan site for Evanescence highlighted, though the alleged drug offences had more substance than the allegations about child abuse imagery in general.

For the moment, Anonymous’s actions do not appear to have derailed the general joined-up worldwide police efforts to track down internet paedophiles. The group’s vigilante actions appear to have raised some awareness of the abuse behind child images. However, if any defence lawyer manages to use the hacking as a fair trial defence then it will have backfired.

The Daily Mail’s initial report is here and Forbes Magazine’s follow-up from just before the Olympics is here.


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