Sharing – Mental Health: The Impact of Music & Arts

There is a lot to be said about the ability of music and art to help with our mental health. It’s similar to the benefits some of us can get from exercise or eating healthy, but we don’t talk nearly as much about it.

The creation of music and art can get neurological connections firing in our brains that improve cognitive function and moods, but even just listening to music, actively listening instead of having music in the background, can help us make similar improvements.

Similar to what I’ve said many times about exercise or other things that might make a small impact on our mental health, art and music won’t change everything, but they certainly aren’t going to hurt. They might only make us feel better, but isn’t that the point?

Also, when it comes to youth mental health, we should take a serious look at how valuable art and music programs may be in schools instead of cutting them as a waste of educational time. It’s not.


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