Novel by a Survivor

I had meant to not only mention this novel by Tara Overzat, but also pick up a copy of the eBook when it was released in the early part of April. Of course, that was also right when I was moving, and starting a new job, so here it is May 12, and Tara sending me a message on Facebook finally reminded me about the book! 😉

So, if you’re interested in reading a novel written by a survivor, about being a survivor go check out Tara’s site where you can also read an excerpt, or watch Tara read the excerpt. Here’s the synopsis of the novel, it definitely sounds like something a few people can relate to!

Marla Conroy finds herself an adult, depressed and full of regret. She starts writing a letter to a person from her past and finds that she can’t stop. As she talks about her childhood and her teenage years, a story unfolds that not even she fully comprehends. Marla’s mother is pathologically focused on winning back Marla’s father, a troubled alcoholic with a charming façade, and uses the trust and love of the people around her to this end. Marla, however, wants nothing to do with her father and finds herself caught in the middle of her neglectful mother’s plans.

If you happen to order a copy and get it read before me, feel free to stop by and share your review!


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