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Sharing – People Aren’t One Dimensional

This article was written with a business perspective, but I think it’s also an important reminder to both the survivor and mental health communities.

“When you ask most people about themselves, one of the first things they say is what they do for a living. You aren’t surprised when you hear people say, “I’m a firefighter”, “I’m an accountant”, or “I work in the oil business.” While people often identify themselves with their work, there is far more to who they are.

They are single or married, sons or daughters. Perhaps they are parents. They are cancer survivors, new home buyers, or dealing with loss. They have been hurt and disappointed by hundreds of things. They have struggled. They have won and they have lost. In short they live multiple lives.”

When we think of survivors, or those with a mental health diagnosis, they may even identify themselves as such. You may see them refer to themselves as a “CSA Survivor” or bi-polar on their own social media profile, but even then that is a part of who they are. We are all so many different things, and I think it does a disservice to try and give someone the label and then assume you know everything there is to know about them. Simply, you don’t. You know one thing, like their job. That’s hardly everything.


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