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Webinar – Talking to Your Children About Your Mental Health

I’m not a parent, but I saw this webinar being put on by the folks at DBSA on the evening of July 19th and thought it might be of interest to anyone out there who is a parent, and is also living with mental health struggles. As they say in the description of the event:


Join DBSA and Evan Kaplan from Child and Family Connections for a conversation about talking to children about parental mental health.

At Child and Family Connections, we are parents who live with a mental health challenge. Despite our best intentions, our mental health effects our family and our children. Due to feelings of guilt, shame, or inadequacy we are afraid to or don’t know what to say, so we rarely, if ever, talk about it. When we remain silent, our children may be fearful, resentful, and self-blaming. Talking about parental mental health with our children strengthens family relationships and builds trust and resiliency. In this webinar, Building Family Bonds, we will teach you how. We will touch upon ways a parent can communicate with a child who has a mental health condition as well.

If you’re interested, you can learn more on the registration page.

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