Shadows of hand-holding

Link – Coping With a Breakup Caused by Mental Health Stigma

There’s some really good advice in this article. It reminds me of conversations I’ve had over the years and things I used to worry about back when I was dating as a child abuse survivor.

I used to be very honest about my past early on in relationships. I figured, why not get it out of the way? As painful as it might be for someone to walk away from me because they don’t want to, or aren’t capable of, dealing with my issues, let them do it now instead of when I depend on them.

It will be a lot more devastating to have someone I counted on as part of my support system let me down when I really need them. Better to weed them out if you can, and frankly, better for them to be honest about it than lie and then let you down later.

So yeah, it sucks, but it may be the push you need to focus forward and find the people you can count on.

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