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Link – Why are lawyers, and other professionals, depressed?

I work in a law firm, so naturally the title of this article caught my attention, but I suspect it applies outside of the legal profession as well. I also found it interesting that we might consider for a minute how depression can be transferred down genetically, and influenced by what choices our parents make and how they model behavoior for us.

“For a significant number, the problem is compounded because lawyers whose parents were lawyers (or in other high-stress professions) are more likely to have suffered from the added trauma of parental divorce. The original deep sense of loss often leads to an inability to form lasting and satisfying non-professional relationships as adults. When this happens there’s almost no easy way to escape the grip of the mood disorder.”

In truth, I’ve known many lawyers who’s parent was also a lawyer. Lawyers tend to have higher rates of divorce than the rest of the population, they also tend to work longer hours and spend more time away from their families.

Their kids grow up to be lawyers, and do the same thing.

They also mostly spend time with other lawyers.

None of this adds up to successfully avoiding depression. And, as I mentioned before, these same dynamics play out in other professions as well. Can we figure out a way to work in these professions and also lessen the risk of depression? The author has some ideas, what do you think?


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