Link – Male suicide drops to lowest level in 30 years amid reduced mental health stigma

So this is some positive news for the UK, even though there are still over 5,000 total per year, a shocking number for a country of that size. The overall news though, is a bit more of a mixed bag:

“Collectively there’s been huge effort towards men and we’re starting to see the effects of that in a really positive way,” she said.

“It’s still important to remember that the male suicide rate is three times the female suicide rate, so men are much at risk from this than women.”

However, the figures also suggest there could be rising levels of suicide among young people of both genders, with the rate among 15-19 year old girls rising to 3.5, the highest since 2000. “

The article goes on to quote several experts on the need for more research to understand the trends and why the rate for woman isn’t going down, but I’ll take whatever good news we can get on this front.

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