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Link – New Hope for Reversing the Trend in Depression and Suicide

Would Hilary’s suggestion help in some cases?

“Emotion education holds a missing piece to reversing this trend. All people need a basic education in emotions and how the mind handles them, especially when it comes to stressful life events and traumas.”

Obviously, let’s agree that there will still be many cases that are more serious than this, and would require a lot more. On the other hand, would it hurt to help people become more educated and intelligent when it comes to dealing with their emotions?

Yeah, I think learning those skills is worth it, regardless of how we might feel about what kind of overall dent it would make in the rates of depression and suicide. If nothing else, maybe we’ll at least have more people capable of dealing with social media and real life relationships with some level of emotional maturity. If we can do something that makes a dent there, and maybe lessen the number of people having their mental health affected by things like comparing their lives to Instagram, then that’s a plus in my opinion.

I may not have a lot of studies behind this opinion, mostly because they haven’t been done or completed yet, but I suspect much of what we see in terms of teens, social media, and depression, is people not getting any education when it comes to emotional intelligence.

Even if it turns out to not help much, your future friends, spouses, and coworkers will benefit greatly from you increasing your emotional intelligence, so why not?

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