Link – Men Never Cry: Depression in Men and Why It’s Hard To Ask For Help

GuysGetDepression“It has been found that Men are 3 times more likely to kill themselves than women.

The main problem lies in the social stigma that men don’t cry, Or rather men SHOULDN’T cry! While crying and reaching out helps in these situations, men around the world are taught to not do so, as it will be UNMANLY! Even though crying helps to prevent sadness. Research suggests that men cry fewer times a year on average. It also states that crying relives us from stress and anxiety. It helps reduce distress and tension and also lowers blood pressure. While the world treats crying as girly, we forget that it only means that we are human and we have emotions.”

Interesting findings on crying, but to me, the important bit of reality in this article is how much more likely men are to commit suicide. Men facing depression often have nowhere to go for help, because simply seeking help is “unmanly”. We’re supposed to toughen up and deal with it.

Look at those suicide numbers again and tell me how that attitude is working out? It’s not. We need to do something different.

Men Never Cry: Depression in Men and Why It’s Hard To Ask For Help | One Sober Life

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