Link – Is Dissociation a Dysfunction or a Positive Coping Skill?

What do you think?

“Dissociative disorders are described as having dissociation as a dysfunction that impairs living life in some way. But is that always the case? While some view dissociation as a dysfunction, many view dissociation as a positive coping mechanism that actually helps them get through the day (What Is Dissociation? Definition, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment). For them, dissociation is the very thing that allows them to function. So is dissociation really dysfunction?”

For me it was both. Dissociation definitely created many problems for me before I learned some other coping skills. There are occasions, however, where a little dissociation has helped me deal with stressful situations, like the day I found out my grandmother passed away during a break in a training class and I had to set that aside and finish the class. Or last year when I found out my father had passed away when I arrived in Australia and had to set that aside and do the work I was there to do that week.

But, I had to be careful as well. Yes, a little dissociation helped me get through those days. More might have been quite dangerous. Knowing where that line is, is the key.

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