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Sharing – Top 10 Best Suicide Prevention Quotes Annotated by an Attempt Survivor

Dwade picks out some excellent quotes that have helped. Some of these were familiar to me, other were not. This one though, hit home for me:

““I wonder if it will rain after we die. When you kill yourself, you don’t know what happens next, afterward.” ~Albert Borris

Once again, this one gives me an incentive to still be alive tomorrow. It’s called curiosity. I suppose it would work better on somebody with a high level of curiosity, like me! I think of all the events I’ve witnessed or taken part in since my suicide attempt and… Some of them, I could have done without! But some others were awesome moments that I would have missed.”

This was me as well, curious. When I thought I couldn’t continue any longer, there was a little part of my brain that just kept being curious about the silliest things. For me, it wasn’t will it rain tomorrow, but will the Dodgers win tomorrow? How will that story on TV end tomorrow night, or how does this book end?

They may seem like small things, and in the grand scheme of life, they are small things. They were also things that kept me connected to life. They kept me going to the next day, until there were enough next days that I found larger things to connect to. Instead of staying until tomorrow to see how this book ends, I was staying so I could see my friend next week, or see how this job interview turns out.

That simple act of staying curious helped. What simple act has helped you decide to stay until you found bigger reasons?


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