AFSP Mental Health and COVID-19 Digital Toolkit

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has developed, and is continuously updating, a digital toolkit for COVID-19.

AFSP encourages everyone to engage in an open, honest dialogue with their friends and loved ones, to demonstrate compassion and kindness, and to practice self-care by exercising, meditating, and consuming the news in measured doses. And, reach out to those who may be isolated and need the extra support. These actions can save lives and positively change our collective culture surrounding mental health for the long-term.  We hope these tools help you to spread positive messages of hope, compassion, mental health care and suicide prevention.

In the toolkit are a number of articles and videos with tips and helpful reminders, easy-to-share images to use on Social Media, like the one above, messages of encouragement and care, and reminders to look out for each other, and ourselves during this incredibly anxious time.

I’d encourage keeping it bookmarked and taking a look at the information, even if you choose not to share, but I’m also willing to bet someone you know could use it as well.

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