Ex-NHL player Theoren Fleury discloses in book

Theoren Fleury’s forthcoming book about his hockey career and life will be the second book to detail sexual abuse at the hands of paedophile coach Graham James, who served three years for the abuse of Sheldon Kennedy and another unnamed hockey player.

Kennedy’s book was released three years ago, but it goes without saying that now that the coach effectively served one year for each player he is known to have abused, that to allow him to carry on working in the sport defies belief. The general article about the forthcoming book is here.

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  1. I have to say that, knowing that he played for James in the same time frame as Sheldon Kennedy, and knowing all the off-ice issues Theo has had with alcohol, it wasn’t completely shocking to see this hit the news today. Just goes to show how much James really damaged the young boys in his care.

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