Reading – Surviving Abuse: Rejecting the Scarcity Lie

“Survivors of abuse often live a life plagued with scarcity. We were taught at a young age that we weren’t enough, there wasn’t enough and life would not provide enough for us in the future. When we suffer financial abuse or trafficking, things are often worse. We can believe we have a finite worth, we are a commodity, and we have already expended that worth. All these beliefs leave very little hope for an abundant future.

My relationship with money has been a struggle for my entire life. I always made enough to survive when I worked in the corporate world. As I have started working for myself, I have come face-to-face with my monetary dysfunction. The lack of stability, the self-doubt and the intense commitment required make it scary on the good days.”

I think these beliefs come into play when you work for yourself, but also when you work at all. It can be difficult to truly excel at your chosen profession, or to handle constructive criticism well when we are struggling with these beliefs. If we don’t see ourselves as good enough, even the slightest suggestion from a coworker can feed that doubt and prevent us from being successful.

Dealing with these beliefs is an important part of living up to our full potential professionally, and personally.

Surviving Abuse: Rejecting the Scarcity Lie

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