Triumph over Tragedy

I got an email recommending this site to me, Triumph over Tragedy. Of course, I set up this blog just for that purpose to pass along reviews and other resources for survivors, so naturally I want to pass this along as well. Michael Skinner is a survivor who has now turned his focus to motivating and encouraging survivors of trauma in their healing through telling his story, and through his music.

Check it out, and if you’ve heard Michael speak, share your experience!

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  1. Mike Skinner, guitarist, singer and speaker, performed at our Power to Peers pre-conference in Salisbury, NC on October 22, 2008. 97% of attendees rated his performance as very good to excellent. After the performance of 90 minutes he took time to talk to many who were touched by his story. As a finale he had the audience sing Stand By Me to show their peer support. I would recommend Mike whole heartedly. Bonnie Schell

  2. Thanks for posting this…very cool!! and also THANK YOU for the great advocacy work that you are doing with this web page & blog – good for you and good for the world!!! take care, Mike

  3. Mike and I have similar scars. We were both victim/survivors of child abuse. Mike is a prolific speaker. His story, hard for him to speak about every time he is at the podium, but his talks urge his listeners to become more acutely aware of the plights that one of every six children, even today, are suffering. Many in attendance at his presentations are moved to go back into their world and spread the word of this tragedy, many forming their own groups to help others.

    Mike’s writes all his own music and sings about the trauma and suffering of abuse and the hope for those who are helped. This ability to convey the message through music is a gift at which Mike excels. I defy anyone to listen to Mike and not come away with a tear in their eye. Keep carrying on the magnificent work Mike! Together we can help put a stop to the horrors of abuse.

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