Sharing – 7 Ways To Show Up For A Friend Dealing With Tough Stuff During The Holidays

Nicole offers up some good suggestions, highlighted by this tip:

7. Do prioritize small gestures.

Last year, I had a miscarriage around the holidays, and I still remember which friends made an extra effort to show love and support. It didn’t take much — literally, an Instagram direct message made me cry out of gratitude — because when you’re having a rough go, the little things go a long way in terms of making you feel less alone. I now make the same effort whenever I’m aware that a friend is struggling, even if it doesn’t feel like much.

The reason I especially like this one is because, personally, this is going to be a difficult holiday season. We have lost a number of people this year, who we won’t get to spend time with at the holidays, or talk to on Christmas day, or ring in a New Year with. The holidays are not the same for us this year. There’s a sadness to our holiday that no one can fix. We don’t need huge acts of kindness, but knowing that people understand what we’re going through, or have also gone through this, and care enough to let us know they are thinking of us?


There’s not a lot anyone can do. That’s OK, we don’t need a lot. We just need to know people care. That’s plenty, believe me.


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