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Sharing – How loneliness is killing men

This is interesting:

Back in 2008, a small but very cute study asked people to stand at the bottom of a hill, look up and guess how steep it was. Some people were there alone, others accompanied by friends. The hill, on the campus of the University of Virginia, had an incline of 26°. But to the people who were there with friends, it looked a lot less. Compared with those who turned up on their own, they significantly underestimated the gradient. The feel-good lesson? Everything looks easier when there’s a friend by your side.

I have two takeaways after reading the rest of the article.

1. Difficult things seem easier when there is someone with us. The lack of friendships can make life seem more difficult than it really is. When life seems too difficult, we might be more likely to give up, or for the stress to have health impacts that lower our life expectancy.

2. The best thing you can do for someone struggling is simply showing up beside them.

Read the rest of the article for ideas on how to show up, how to make friends, and why it’s important.

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