Link – Self-Stigma: The Undeserved Guilt of Self-Care

When it comes to those mental illness-fueled thoughts about not deserving to take care of ourselves, those are also not true. The thing about mental illnesses is that they like to keep us sick because it lets them stick around. That sick part of our brain, I feel, is fighting to stay alive just as much as any other part of our brain; it’s fight is just more detrimental to our health. I wouldn’t say it’s an enemy, but it’s definitely something that we have to learn to work with so that we don’t get stuck in the pits of feeling worthless.

We’re not worthless and we definitely deserve to take care of ourselves.

This is very true. I’ve written before that I believe the idea of loving yourself starts with taking care of yourself. Whether you want to talk about simple hygiene or getting enough rest, or anything else, people who value their own lives do those things. Many people dealing with depression find themselves in the opposite situation, not taking care of themselves because they don’t see the worth. You have a right to take care of yourself, everyone does.

Self-Stigma: The Undeserved Guilt of Self-Care

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