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Sharing – 6 Sneaky Signs You’re Experiencing Ongoing Trauma From The Pandemic

The research numbers didn’t surprise me so much. I think it’s clear that we are all going through a worldwide trauma, and it’s not exactly shocking that we’d see some of the effects of that and that these numbers are where they are:

Evidence suggests that the pandemic — and all the fear, stress, isolation, and grief it has caused — has been one major traumatic stressor that’s causing all kinds of PTSD-like symptoms. Research from Case Western Reserve University found that 85% of participants were experiencing at least one symptom of post-traumatic stress in 2020 and early 2021.

What did surprise me, though, was that I actually saw all 6 of these signs in myself. All 6. (I also don’t think they are all that sneaky, but then again, while I know I’ve been having worse anxiety lately, all of these did sort of sneak up on me.)

So, I don’t know about you, but I know for sure that I am now hyper-vigilant, negative, anxious, withdrawn, exhausted, and dealing with more physical aches and pains than I ever have.

This article helps me realize that it’s not really a coincidence. How about you?

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