Why Suicide Prevention Week Is Important for Child Abuse Survivors

As the Younique Foundation reminds us in their article, those of us who have had traumatic childhood experiences are, statistically, more likely to make an attempt, so as important as this week is for the mental health community, it is also something that the survivor community should be mindful of as well. We lose survivors to suicide all too often. Sadly, it is often because they do not understand this truth from the article:

Don’t let difficult times rob you of the life you’re meant to live. It’s not easy; we know it isn’t, but hold on a little tighter, wait a little longer, and take one more step towards healing. You are a survivor, you’re strong, and you can do this. The world is a better place with you in it.

I’ve survived both childhood abuse, and a suicide attempt. I know what it feels like to believe that it will never get better, just as much as I know that it can get better because it has.

Truthfully, you are a survivor, and the world needs you and your story. How else will the other survivors around you know what is possible?

The article at the link includes some resources for you if you are struggling right now, or you can also check out our own Find Help page.

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