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Sharing – We Can Eliminate Child Sexual Abuse from the Internet

Can they really do it? I don’t know, but given the details about the problem that is outlined in this talk, I’m glad someone is out there trying.

Last month, I was attending the Nuix User Conference as part of my day job. One section of one of the keynote addresses talked about how Nuix is using their technology to help streamline complaints submitted online about predatory behavior. The description of the workflow for handling these complaints prior to a tech company getting involved, were depressing. There was simply no way they could have kept up with the reports, there was no way to coordinate reports of the same suspect targeting kids in different jurisdictions, or even identify the same suspect with different reports in the same department. Simply put, without someone in tech stepping up to help, the people working these investigations are massively under-resourced.

So, good on Thorn, and good on Nuix.

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