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Sharing – What Self-Care Really Involves

Melanie makes a good point about self-care, and how not only is it different for each of us, but it might look different for you in a variety of situations:

I realized it was actually better self-care for me to get my “to do” list reduced then it was to spend the afternoon relaxing. I wasn’t neglecting “me” time as I still ensured I maintained my daily meditation practice and yoga … yet weighing up what would give me a better sense of well-being was to stay at home and get caught up on things

As many of you know, we got hit by a hurricane in our area of the world last week. We were lucky compared to many, but things have not been normal, by any stretch. Lack of power, gas shortages, and curfews don’t leave a lot of room for “typical” self-care routines. It’s hard to have a spa day when all the spas are closed, after all. Self-care in that kind of situation might look more like cleaning up the storm debris, or getting sleep when you could.

Remember, self-care is not one type of thing, as Melanie says acts of self-care are acts that help you feel better and less anxious, even if they don’t always look the same!


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