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Link – High Schools are Calling Sexual Assault Hazing

An investigation into high school sexual assaults has found schools are mislabeling sexual assault on sports teams as “hazing” to cover it up, the Associated Press reports.

You know, this came up awhile back when I was still living in Oregon, when a football team was suspended and games cancelled because of a massive hazing incident. I remember thinking “wow, what kind of hazing could be that bad?” because the story did not give many details. Later, when the details did become public, I had the opposite thought, “those kids are lucky they aren’t being charged with rape, if they did that to a female student, they surely would be”.

Which brings me back to this article. Do we more easily blow off what is, in essence, sexual assault, because it’s male on male violence? Do we call it hazing because we don’t want to label it “sexual” in any way? How much of a disservice is that to the victims of this kind of sexual assault, to not call it what it is?

The victims deserve better.

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