Sharing – I was groomed and kidnapped – internet safety is vital during lockdown

In my field of work, I am keenly aware of how hackers are trying to take advantage of the stress of everyday life and people adjusting to working at home to try and fool them into clicking things they shouldn’t or giving up their passwords etc. It’s foolish to think child predators aren’t trying to take advantage of children in a similar fashion. What Alicia says below is important to know:

“Right now, our world is uncertain and our children are struggling. This leaves them vulnerable to online dangers, and predators know this.

But there are ways to help ensure your kids aren’t in danger.

It is important to have those sometimes uncomfortable conversations with your kids about internet dangers. Review and strengthen their privacy settings and monitor their online activity on all devices, including gaming systems. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local law enforcement for help if you need it.

Possibly most importantly, if your child comes to you with an issue, do not threaten to remove their device. It’s their only connection to the outside world at the moment and the fear of taking it away may hinder them from asking for help.”

Look the conversations are awkward, and difficult. But better to have them than to not and to not know what your kids are doing online.

Go read more about Alicia’s story and the great work she is doing now to try and prevent her story from being repeated.

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