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In the interest of always sharing new things that may help, I found this interview with the author to be very interesting, especially her take on the stigma associated with just doing anything to get help, let alone going to therapy.

“The more people talk about the fact that mental illness is not a weakness, it’s not something to be ashamed of, that’s really going to turn the tides on people feeling like they just have to toughen up and work through all of that without asking for help and without recognizing that it’s something that needs to be healed,” Jessi Beyer says. Her new book, How to Heal: A Practical Guide to Nine Therapies You Can Use to Release Your Trauma explores alternatives to traditional talk therapy.

One, I agree with this statement. Two, as you’ll see in more detail in the interview, I would also agree that traditional “sit in an office and talk” therapy may not be effective for everyone dealing with trauma. I don’t know that everything we often see suggested as alternatives work for everyone either, but it’s worth considering some different approaches for different people, and different traumas.

Check it out, and if you’ve read it, let us know if anything in the book has been helpful to you.

Also note some of the proceeds of the book go to the Pararescue Foundation, which may interest you to know as well.

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