Link – Understanding Recidivism Through Child Abuse and Mental Health

This makes sense. We know that child abuse increases the likelihood of not only mental health issues in adulthood, but also a lack of social skills and development. Those are exactly the kinds of things that leave people desperate enough to commit crime. Treating those things would assist in providing other options.

In 2016, Chicago struggled with the highest number of homicides the city has seen in more than a decade. Lawmakers are now scrambling to find solutions to curb the violence plaguing neighborhoods across the city. Recently, Illinois state legislators representing Chicago have suggested increased sentencing for repeat offenders as a means of removing those who are most likely to commit violent crimes from the streets. Yet, a recent study published in BMC Psychiatry and conducted by researchers Eun Young Kim, Jiung Park and Bongseog Kim, suggests that there may be a better solution to preventing an individual’s relapse into criminal behavior. The authors find that identifying and addressing psychological issues caused by child abuse and neglect, when present, can reduce recidivism.

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