Link – 22 Messages for People Who Think They ‘Don’t Deserve’ Therapy

“Sometimes the first step is the hardest. A step towards acceptance. A step towards treatment. A step towards recovery. When you live with a mental illness, often times that step involves therapy.

But therapy can be a scary concept, especially if the same voice in your head that’s fueling your mental illness is saying you don’t deserve it. There’s always someone worse. It would be a waste of time. Therapy makes you weak.

But who cares if there’s “always someone worse”? Therapy is not a waste of time, and it certainly doesn’t make you weak. If you think you might need therapy but are hesitant to take the first step, here are some messages from our readers that might change your mind.”

It’s sad to think that folks dealing with mental health issues don’t think they deserve to get help, but it’s just another example of how issues like depression lie, and cause us to not see ourselves clearly.

Everyone deserves to get help of some sort. If therapy is available for you, don’t talk yourself out of it.

22 Messages for People Who Think They ‘Don’t Deserve’ Therapy

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