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Link – How to Use Writing to Ease Your Depression

Do you find that writing helps? I have been writing online for a long time, and I find that it helps keep me creative, focused, and continuously learning. When I write about technology all of that holds true, and when I write about child abuse and mental health, it keeps me focused on my own well-being, so in some way it is helping me.

Most of all, I write online because I truly enjoy learning something and then sharing it, no matter the subject matter. If I was truly just writing to help with my mental health, I suppose I might not do it online for others to read, but sometimes, even that helps, because it reminds me that others are out there dealing with this stuff too.

Do you write about mental health and other issues? For yourself, or for an audience?

If you’ve been thinking about starting to write, wherever you choose, and have questions about how to start, what to write, etc. The article below has a lot of good thoughts on the matter.

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