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Link – Are Mental Health Awareness Efforts Doing Enough to Combat Stigma?

I strongly agree with this:

“My biggest suggestion is that we need to have conversations about mental health with more than just people in the mental health community. I love us, I really do, but talking in circles can only do so much for us. Definitely keep sharing your stories of mental illness through mental health outlets, but we need to start taking our stories and what we know about mental illness to other, non-mental-health-related platforms.”

On social media, this is why I’m very appreciative of folks who share and retweet and what not from here. Because I can share these things here, I can write my story, and it reaches a pretty decent audience of the people who read the blog. In turn, if readers share stuff, it also reaches to their friends and followers. That’s an audience I can’t reach without you. How much larger of an audience could we reach if we started sharing appropriately, even beyond that? I’ve been thinking a lot about this, how do I get this stuff and these messages beyond the online audience that already follows me?

I’m open to suggestions if you have any!

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