Link – People Overestimate How Much Willpower Helps Mental Illness

Yes, it’s true:

“This is actually quite simple. People like to think they have control.  People like to think they have control over their mental health. People like to think their will is keeping them free from illness. People like to feel like mental illness can’t touch them because of their “superior” willpower.”

Natasha goes on to talk about people who eat special diets and take extreme steps to avoid cancer, and how they could still get cancer. I see the same thing with people following every latest “study” to try and avoid disease. As if we could just follow all the science, or pseudo-science, eat the right combination of things, do the proper exercises, live away from cities, etc. and we would never, ever get sick.

Yet, people still get sick, and we all die eventually.

And when we do, someone will be there to explain how that won’t happen to them because they don’t do what you did, whatever that was.

Mental health works the same way. If you haven’t had issues yourself or had a loved one struggling with their mental health, it’s not because of your willpower, faith, strength, diet, or anything else. You’ve just been lucky.

That’s all you are, lucky.

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